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Faster, quieter and more reliable – Upgrading drives to Solid State.

Time to replace that slow, noisy hard disk drive

It’s been a couple of years since you bought yourself a nice new computer. At the time you gasped at how quickly it started up; you were in awe of the sheer speed of your new computing powerhouse.

But, today, the love affair is over. It takes forever to get started in the morning, rattling the hard drive when you ask it to do the most menial of tasks. Your fingertips are developing callouses from the eternal drumming on the desk while you wait for your Internet browser or spreadsheets to open.

You’re now at the mercy of the ageing hard disk drive in your computer.

The majority of hard disk drives that are fitted during manufacture are the original mechanical type drives with fragile magnetic media that could likely turn from a humming data storage device into the unusable percussion section of an orchestra; banging and clunking away while you stare at your now blank or error-ridden screen.

Mechanical Hard Disk
Wave goodbye to the conventional hard drive. Noisy, slow and prone to mechanical failure.

So, what is the answer ?

The SSD (Solid State Drive)

Prepare to fall in love with your computer all over again.

What are the benefits of replacing your existing disk with an SSD ?

Solid state drives contain no moving parts and as such are :-

  • Faster. Startup times are vastly improved and programs load more quickly. Data can be accessed immediately without waiting for mechanisms to spin up to speed.
  • Quieter. SSD’s are completely silent.
  • Power saving. SSD’s consume much less power and will increase laptop run times.
  • Robust. No moving parts mean there’s no need to worry about hard disks crashing if the computer is moved.

Solid State Disks – Fast – Quiet – Robust

We can replace your sluggish old mechanical drive with a modern SSD (solid state drive). Your computer will be returned to you looking exactly as it was. All your programs, documents, photos and desktop icons will be where you left them. You won’t notice any difference in appearance, you will however see a noticeably faster appearance of your icons and programs when you come to use your refreshed machine.


Boot speed comparison
The video below shows the performance increase when swapping from HDD to SSD.
On the left is the original hard disk and on the right is the same computer with an SSD exchange.

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This could be a sound of the past …

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